NEBOSH Certificate – NEW Open Book – Online Exams

NEBOSH Certificate – NEW Open Book – Online Exams

NEBOSH have reviewed all exams due to the COVID19 situation, the NGC1, NG1, IGC1, IG1 exams are now going to be taken online and called  ‘Open Book’ Exams.

You still have to apply for your exam with your Training Provider, they will register you for the exam and also register the email address you want to use for the exam entry.

Exam papers will be released at a notified time and you will then have 24 hours to complete them and submit to NEBOSH.  The exam will take approx. 4 hours to complete and it is available for a 24 hour period, to meet the needs of all learners in different time zones around the world.

The exam will use scenario based questions, which will test your knowledge which you have gained whilst studying the course and in the workplace,  You can access your books, but you must document all the sources that you reference.  This is extremely important as NEBOSH will be using software to check that you have not copied answers/information from the textbooks.

After the exam, you will have an interview with a Tutor who will be checking your ID and asking you questions about your exam answers to check your understanding.

The first ‘Open Book’ Exam is going to be offered on 6th August 2020, if you would like to enrol for this exam, please email us on by the 21st July, we can then enrol you.