Developing & Leading Teams to achieve organisational Goals and Objectives

The purpose of this unit is to develop understanding and ability in developing and leading teams, as required by a practising or potential middle manager. This course will help individuals assess and make a judgement on the effectiveness of their organisation in measuring team performance against organisation goals, and then to use relevant research and management theory to evaluate the role of leadership in helping teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives. This course will help delegates undertake a critical review of their own ability to develop and lead teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives.


Two Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the nature and importance of leading teams to achieve goals

  • Be able to develop and lead teams

  • Understand concepts of authority and responsibility

  • Know the processes of delegation and empowerment

  • Implement changes in leadership styles in order to develop and lead teams effectively
Price: £780 + vat


  • Wednesday 26th January 2022
  • Wednesday 2nd March 2022
  • Wednesday 18th May 2022
  • Wednesday 6th July 2022
  • Wednesday 10th August 2022
  • Saturday 15th October 2022
  • Tuesday 13th December 2022