Access Foundation



The course introduces the delegates to the fundamental skills required to build and use a simple Access database. It is specifically designed for the first time user and those that are self-taught. It will act as an ideal stepping-stone to attending the more task based Access courses we offer.

The foundation skills will be explored through the creation of an Access database encompassing several tables (not related) and forms for data entry and manipulation. Simple queries and reports will be used to select and print reports.

The course is designed to provide an understanding and use of the four main objects (Tables, Forms, Queries & Reports). Each section will provide the delegate with the knowledge to be able to be productive on their return to work..

  • A concentrated one day overview to be able to create and use a simple access database
  • Understand the Access environment
  • Be productive in Access fundamentals from day one
  • Provide the building blocks for the more detailed courses
  • From concept to reports in one day

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Course Content

Access Overview
♦ What is a database
♦ Object explanation
♦ Role Definition

Access Objects
♦ Moving between objects

Planning and Designing Databases
♦ Database Objective
♦ Scope Document

Planning and Designing Databases – Tables & Forms
♦ Document table structure
♦ Field Types – Text, Number, Date, Yes/No, Memo and AutoNumber
♦ Identify Field Sizes
♦ Identify the Primary Key
♦ Form Considerations – Data Entry

Creating Tables
♦ Building and Modifying Tables
♦ Screen Familiarisation
♦ Field Descriptions
♦ Assigning the Primary Keys
♦ Assigning Data Types
♦ Assigning Field Sizes

Building and Modifying Forms
♦ Create a form with the Form Wizard
♦ Basic Editing of Forms

Data Management
♦ Appending Records
♦ Delete records
♦ Editing Data

♦ Switching between Design and View

Finding, Filtering & Sorting
♦ Find a record
♦ Filter by selection
♦ Sort records

Select Queries
♦ Data Sources
♦ Field Selection
♦ Selection Criteria Overview
♦ Show/Hide
♦ Logical Operators

♦ Create a report with the Report Wizard
♦ Preview and print a report Screen Familiarity

Course Duration: One Day

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