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This course focuses on the role of the database designer in the specification and creation of tables, Forms and Reports.

It covers both the theory and practicalities of table design and takes delegates through the stages of designing a relational database together with a comprehensive understanding of this most vital of elements within any database.

With the increase in the use of databases to store data, end users are creating tables with no formal understanding or appreciation of the bigger picture which can result in unusable, time-consuming systems being created. Any database system is only as good as the person who created the tables. Getting this wrong is an expensive business as the data may have to be manipulated several times before it can become useful. It pays to get table design right before creating more complex forms and reports.

  • A focused course on Table design
  • Understand the theory behind table design best practice
  • Understand specification for good form design
  • Transferable skills to other database applications as the principals are the same
  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive data through table relationships
  • Practical examples of good and bad report or form design

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Course Content

Screen Familiarity
Planning and Designing Databases
♦ Database Objective
♦ Scope Document

Planning and Designing Databases – Tables
♦ Review existing data sources
♦ Normalisation
♦ Field Types – Text, Number, Date, Yes/No, Memo and AutoNumber
♦ OLE & Hyperlink Field Types
♦ Identify Field Sizes
♦ Identify the Primary Key
♦ Identify Field Properties
♦ Define table relationships

Creating Tables
♦ Building and Modifying Tables
♦ Assigning the Primary Keys
♦ Identifying Foreign Keys

Field Properties – All
♦ Data Validation – including logical
♦ Lookup Wizard with Values
♦ Indexing

Testing tables with Data Entry
Table Relationships
♦ Create Relationships
♦ Enforce referential integrity

Planning and Designing Databases – Forms
♦ Form Considerations – Data Entry
♦ Form Considerations – Menu
♦ Proto Types
♦ Identify Data Sources

Building and Modifying Forms
♦ Create a form with the Form Wizard
♦ Use the Control Toolbox to add controls
♦ Moving and resizing Objects
♦ Modify Format Properties (font, style, font size, colour, caption, etc.) of controls
♦ Use form sections (headers, footers, and detail)
♦ Yes/No Alternatives
♦ Tab Order
♦ Enable and Locked Control
♦ Adding Pages/Tabs
♦ Adding Graphics to a Form
♦ Creating Subforms

♦ Create a Report with the Report Wizard
♦ Move and resize a control
♦ Modify Format Properties (font, style, font size, color, caption, etc.)
♦ Calculated Reports
♦ Use report sections (headers, footers, and detail) + Page Breaks
♦ Adding graphics to a Report
♦ Sort Options
♦ Sub-Reports

Using Access Tools
♦ Print Table Designs – Reporter
♦ Back-up and restore a database
♦ Compact A Database
♦ Repair a Database

Importing data from Excel and Text files

Course Duration: One Day

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