Access VBA



This course is designed with the developer in mind.  It focuses on the practical design and development issues relating to the production of bespoke systems.  Access databases can be transformed into powerful, user friendly and safe applications.  This course teaches not just the syntax of VBA for Access, but how to implement the language to get results.  We emphasize the development of solutions can be easily modified to fit any database and how to program applications in a minimum of time.

Product Documents

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Course Objectives 

Who Should Attend:

  • Database developers who need to create integrated solutions for robust commercial or internal systems.
  • Any intensive Access user that wants to develop applications.


  • It is essential that users have attended the “Access Foundation”, “Intermediate”, and “Working with Queries” courses or have equivalent working knowledge of the product.

On Completion:
By the end of the course the delegate will be able to:

  • Plan and design robust systems
  • Build multi user applications
  • Design advanced queries, data entry forms and reports
  • Build secure applications
  • When to use VBA instead of macros

Course Content

Why pursue Business Excellence?

Introduction to Business Excellence Model

Understanding the criteria of the Model

The links between the Model and other initiatives such as ISO 9000 and Investors in People

How to carry out Self-Assessment

Conducting a matrix chart assessment against the model by the management team

Identification of current strengths and weaknesses of the organisation

How to use the model to guide strategic planning and continuous business improvement

Development of an outline action plan by the management team

Course Duration: Two Day

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