Access Working with Queries



This course focuses on the role of the database designer in the specification and creation of queries and will cover Access queries in detail. Covering both the theory and practicalities of query design this course takes the delegates through the various queries available in Access. It will explain the theory and practical elements of select, multi-table and action queries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of this particular type of Access object.

Having designed and created perfect tables to ensure that data has been entered consistently, a logical progression is to create Queries to select and manipulate the data. Users typically either struggle or rely on technical IT users to create queries for data analysis. Being able to create ad-hoc statistics or simple selection criteria for others; and understanding how to query any database is an advantageous skill set.

Focused course on Queries

  • Understand the theory behind queries
  • Create technical specification/requirement documents for developers
  • Convert specification/requirement documents into real solutions
  • Transferable skills to other database applications
  • Start to build knowledge of SQL
  • Be able to link tables in a query
  • Create simple & complex criteria
  • Perform statistical analysis on the data
  • Practical examples of good and bad queries

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Course Content

Planning and Designing Databases
♦ Database Objective
♦ Scope Document
♦ Overview of creating a Database

Select Queries
♦ Data Sources
♦ Field Selection
♦ Multiple Sorts
♦ Selection Criteria Overview
♦ Complex Selection Criteria
♦ Show/Hide
♦ Logical Operators
♦ Wildcards
♦ Unique Values
♦ Parameters
♦ Totals
♦ Calculated Fields

Creating a CrossTab Query
♦ Using the wizard
♦ Applying formats
♦ Re-arrange the Pivot Layout

Find Duplicates Wizard
♦ Find Matching Data
♦ Clean a Table of duplicate entries

Multi-Table Select Queries
♦ Table Order
♦ Creating Temporary Relationships
♦ Query Join Types

Find Unmatched Query Wizard
♦ Compare records in two Tables
♦ Locate mismatched records

Calculated Queries
♦ Using Formulae Functions in a Query
♦ Concatenate (join fields together)
♦ Extract parts of data using Left/Mid/Right functions

Action Queries – Overview
Update Query
♦ Update Records Quickly
♦ Search and replace data

Append Query
♦ Merge fields and records to new Table
♦ Merge data to existing Table

Make Table Query
♦ Convert Query results to a Table
♦ Use for static reporting results

Delete Query
♦ Delete records based on multi criteria
♦ Delete single or block records from Table

Course Duration: One Day

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