This course is designed for experienced people who need to present with more persuasion and professionalism. All presentations will be recorded and constructive feedback given.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the essential factors for successfully preparing and planning a
  • presentation
  • Reviewed the importance of breathing and relaxation techniques to develop a more relaxed, calm and comfortable style.
  • Improved understanding of non-verbal communication and how, using some simple techniques, they can add extra professionalism to a presentation.
  • Learnt how to get to know what the audience want to hear and how to shape the presentation accordingly, depending on the type/level of the audience
  • Practiced presenting with more professionalism
  • Improved the quality of their voice, the volume, the variety, the articulation, to add inspiration and improve personal impact.
  • Practised handling questions effectively

Course Content

Planning an Effective Presentation
What materials/equipment are required
The need for accuracy
Facts versus opinions

The Presentation Structure
Setting Objectives
Analysing the Audience
Importance of Openings and Closings
Use of humour

Physical Image
Coping with Nerves
Body Language
Eye Contact

Vocal Image
Qualities of the Effective Voice
Improving Articulation
Achieving Vocal Variety
Increasing Volume
Developing Resonance
Making an impact

Visual Aids – Uses and Abuses
Review the handling of visuals – The Golden Rules

Making the Presentation, Interactive
Encouraging Questions
Types of Questioner
Handling the Discussion Period
Handling difficult people/awkward questions

Skill Practice

Each Delegate to do a Presentation of no more than 15 minutes in length on a work related subject to a pre-determined audience.
Role-play Question and Answer Session
Audience and Trainer Feedback CCTV

Impromptu Presentations
Plenary Discussion
Personal Action Planning and Course Close

Course Duration: One Day

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