Being liked at work is fine until it means you find it difficult to say to people what you need to say, without feeling awkward.  This one-day workshop allows participants to practice the skills of being assertive in a wide variety of situations. It also gets them to examine the beliefs that people have about not being assertive and explores ways of challenging those beliefs.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Demonstrated their understanding of assertive behaviour, so that communication is appropriate and effective
  • Identified the three behaviours and their effect on people
  • Practised a range of assertiveness techniques
  • Practised dealing with aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Gained confidence when dealing with challenging situations
  • Agreed an action plan and identified skills they will put into practice with a timescale to check progress

Course Content

What is Assertive Behaviour?
Why is assertive behaviour important?
The impact of assertive behaviour

Defining Assertive, Aggressive and Submissive Behaviours
Comparing the styles

Obstacles to acting more assertively
Low self-esteem
Inability to handle conflict
Communication skills

Improving your Self-Esteem
Using verbal and non-verbal communication
Techniques in specific situations
Giving and receiving praise
Making and receiving requests
Using ‘I’ statements

Handling conflict
Different behaviour styles for handling conflict
Improving the process for handling difficult people

Personal Development Action Plan

Course Duration: One Day

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