The purpose of this unit is to develop understanding and ability to lead teams to achieve organisational values and goals as required by a practising or potential middle manager.


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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Understand leadership styles within an organisation
  • Review the effectiveness of own leadership capability and performance in meeting organisational values and goals
  • Be able to adopt an effective leadership styles to motivate staff to achieve organisational values and goals


Leadership theories and styles that can be reviewed within the organisation
Key responsibilities of leadership roles
Assessing the impact of different leadership styles
Organisational values and acceptable standards of behaviour at work
Principles of delegating responsibility and empowering others
Theories of motivation:
Maslow’s Hierarchy
Herzberg’s two factor theory and more
Communication of Values and Goals
Factors of Emotional Intelligence
Persuasion and Negotiation skills
Supporting and Mentoring Team Members

Personal Development Action Plan
Throughout this course there will be a number of practical exercises carried out which will enable delegates to put into practice must of the theory covered.

Course Duration: Two Days

(Equivalent to ILM Level 5 Unit (value of 6 credits)

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