This course is designed to provide delegates with an insight into how we can all make a difference and improve the safety culture within our organisation. Delegates will be encouraged to consider ergonomics and look at why unsafe acts and conditions occur in the workplace.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

To develop the interactive role of the Observers. To improve the safety culture and monitor the progress of the Think Safe Act Safe (TSAS) programme.

Course Content

The Think Safe Act Safe Observers role. Review role and responsibilities, feedback and review of roles from delegates
H&S Update and overview

Reminder sessions on H&S duties and requirements of common regulations. Discussion on safety procedures and guidance on terms used.

Observation skills
Delegates carry out exercise identifying difference in un-safe acts and conditions.
Discussion on why do these occur

Ergonomics and safety by design (using SID)
Look at work equipment, identify safety features, consider design and information provided to user.

Risk prioritising using dynamic risk assessment
Discussion on risk assessment, looking at the ever changing exposure and how we can recognise the risks at particular times.

Understanding risk control using HSG65                           
Reviewing a company risk assessment, consider the difference between workplace precautions and risk control systems and what makes an effective risk control measure.

Learning styles and behavioural safety
Communicating safety using risk control hierarchy
Approaching safety issues in the workplace
Practical Session Using the Human Factors ‘analysing an activity’ outline pg 50. Interview a delegate and detail your findings.

Developing an opinion survey
How do we monitor progress, what is peoples opinion of H&S in the workplace. How can we all really make a difference?

Site visits  Pre-determined exercises, looking for example at:

  • Safe Acts and Conditions
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Demonstrating a Safe system of work
  • Checking understanding of a recent induction
  • Reacting to an un-safe act


Course Duration: Two Day

Delivery:  This course can be delivered at a venue to suit you, please contact us for pricing on 01284 763040

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