This intensive one-day training course teaches delegates how to use the telephone for professional selling. This course concentrates on incoming calls which potentially could lead to new business. Delegates attending this course are taught to ask the right questions at the right time to ensure that the maximum result is achieved from each and every call. As with all courses of this type, a big emphasis is placed on role-playing to drive the points home. Delegates will learn how to manage calls, listen to feedback and ask appropriate questions to increase sales. Course activities also cover maintaining a positive attitude, identifying the components of the soft sell, and building and maintaining relationships with prospects. Delegates will also learn about gaining feedback from customers, addressing rejection, resolving objections, and closing a sale.

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Course Objectives 

Course and Personal Objectives

Review existing sales successes and identify future opportunities

Incoming Calls – Review consistency of the Basics (First impressions, answering the telephone, the correct vocabulary, keep in touch, details)

Creating Rapport
Learning how to create rapport and build relationships with people on the telephone fast. By building strong relationships through rapport, people are more willing to co-operate with your requests for action. Discover how people communicate and learn how you can easily and quickly communicate in their model.

Improving Qualification
When to use open and closed questions

Embedded Suggestions
Use of questions and phrases, which prompt action and commitment. Learning how to use embedded suggestions correctly you can influence people to action.

Buyer’s Behaviour
Learn how to elicit the buying strategies and how the buyer makes buying decisions – sell the way your buyer buys.

Negotiating & Closing Skills on the Telephone
What Type of Closer Are You?

Handling Objections (Pre-handling Objections, Dealing with the Price Objection Effectively)

Advanced Objection Handling (This module gives participants an in depth looks at why customers make objections and how they can be most professionally handled. The group will share their own experiences and discuss ways of improving this vitally important part of the sales process.)

Summary, Personal and Team Action Plans Agreed

The above course will include role-playing scenarios relevant to the Removals Services Industry and specifically you’re Company, pre determined by our Trainer and your Sales Management.

Course Content

  • Understanding the customer’s motivation
  • Greater confidence in handling objections positively
  • Overcoming customers’ objections to the price
  • Types of closing strategies
  • Individual sales issues discussed and resolved

Course Duration: One Day

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