This programme introduces the skills of coaching as a method to motivate and develop staff to meet the needs of their job role, mentoring is an informed and confidential relationship between two people.  A mentor will use some of the same skills as a coach or counsellor with the aim of building confidence and enhancing performance and prospects.  This course is ideal for people responsible for developing other people and for guiding colleagues through NVQ programmes, or Graduate/Management Development Programmes.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • demonstrated their understanding of the role of the coach and mentor and identified the core skills
  • discussed and identified the opportunities for coaching and how to use them
  • practised the key, component skills of coaching and mentoring, particularly reflective and non-judgemental listening
  • practised identifying learning needs and writing appropriate learning objectives
  • practised using listening and questioning skills to ‘draw out’ from the learner
  • practised the skills of observing and giving feedback
  • prepared for and carried out a short coaching session
  • practised structuring and managing a counselling interview in a role play situation

Course Content

What is Coaching and Mentoring?

The Role of the Coach or Mentor
Defining the role and responsibilities

The Skills of Coaching and Mentoring
Establishing rapport and building trust
Listening and questioning

The Mentor as a Coach
Identifying learning needs

The Coaching Process
Agreeing the plan

Coaching in Action

The Mentor as a Counsellor
Types of counselling

Essential Counselling Skills
Verbal and non-verbal communication

Managing the Meetings
Developing an effective structure

Skills in Action
Group to practice a short meeting

Personal Development Plan

Course Duration: Two Days

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