This course is aimed at individuals who may be expected to support individuals with a range of issues, they maybe personal or work-related. The course explores the skills of counselling and also helps you identify when you need to refer the situation to a professional counsellor or agency

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:
Demonstrated their understanding of the role of the counsellor and identified core skills

  • Discussed and identified the opportunities for counselling and how to use them
  • Practised the key, component skills of counselling, in particular reflective and non-judgemental listening
  • Practised structuring and managing a counselling interview in a role play situation
  • Identified the types of counselling interview and practised at least one of these in a role play situation
  • Identified own limitations and when to refer on. Also the need for own support

Course Content

What is Counselling
Counselling defined
The essential skills of a counsellor
Golden rules

Recognising and Identifying the need for Counselling
Counselling for work-related problems
Counselling for personality problems
Counselling for problems outside work

Essential Counselling Skills
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Active and reflective listening
Communicating acceptance and non-acceptance
Questions that work and questions to avoid
Appropriate and inappropriate responses

Practical exercises

Managing the Interview
Developing an effective structure
Starting the interview
Getting people to talk
Exploring feelings
Role Play

Types of Counselling
Career – Redundancy- Grievance – Personal Problems – Performance Counselling
Case Studies & Role Play

Contracts and Boundaries

Personal Development Action Plan

Course Duration: One Day

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