To enable participants to use a logical, systematic approach for solving problems, while encouraging them to take a more creative approach to generating solutions that may not have normally been considered.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Used a logical framework for solving problems and making decisions
  • Understood the importance of deciding aims before undertaking tasks
  • Recognised the range of information sources available to them
  • Evaluated alternative solutions to problems through a variety of methods
  • Used a variety of effective planning tools
  • Recognised the value when undertaking a task
  • Recognised that conflict, if managed correctly, can be of value in a change orientated organisation
  • Reviewed and be able to choose appropriate ways in which to deal with conflict
  • Practised communicating decisions effectively

Course Content


Course Objectives

The Different Thinking Styles
Creative thinking
Lateral thinking
Thinking analytically

Creative Thinking
What is creativity
Getting into a creative frame of mind
Using brainstorming to release creativity

Decision Making
Generating alternatives
Agreeing the purpose
Developing the decision criteria
Evaluating the options
Group decision making in action

Problem Analysis
Analysing the problem
Problem analysis in action
Choosing a solution

Personal Action Planning

Course Duration: Two Days

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