This course, is not about high pressure selling but a combination of good telephone techniques, preparation, planning and the whole range of telephone selling techniques.  The course combines tutorials, individual and syndicate exercises and practical workshops using tele-trainer equipment

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the skills of an effective sales person and identified their strengths and areas for development in relation to this profile
  • Developed a selling structure based on how people like to buy
  • Explored and practised questioning and information gathering skills
  • Reviewed and practised how to handle objections effectively and retain the sale.
  • Developed the skills to recognise every opportunity when transacting with the client to create situations to close the sale
  • Developed a Personal Action Plan

Course Content

Telephone Sales Power
Profile of an Effective Sales Person.
The Attitudes and Behaviours
Practical Exercise – Self Analysis

RAPOC – A Tried and Tested Structure
The Psychology of Selling.
Practical Exercise & Case Study

Developing the Skills
The Opening
Gathering Information
Open & Closed Information
Features / Benefits and Ideas that attract

Handling Objections
Practical Exercise

Closing Techniques
Asking for the Order

Telepower in Action
Real Life Role Plays
Closing the Sale
Using objections to secure the Order

Telephone Training Equipment
Practical Exercise

Personal Development Action Plans to Transfer learning into the workplace

Course Duration: One Day

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