Designed for sales personnel who have gained some experience in the field and will benefit both from analysing their selling techniques and sharing their experience with other delegates. This course will equip delegates with the enthusiasm and expertise to achieve in competitive markets by in-depth analysis of their own personal techniques and performance.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the profile of a Professional Sales Person and identified their own strengths and areas for development against this profile
  • Identified Customer expectations
  • Reviewed methods of time and territory management
  • Practised time and territory management skills
  • Reviewed methods of prospecting
  • Reviewed and practised techniques for making appointments
  • Reviewed and practised negotiating skills
  • Practised overcoming objections and closing the sale

Reviewed Customer Service/Follow Up procedures and explored methods

Course Content

The Professional Role of the Sales Person
Customer expectations
Company objectives
Personal selling strengths

Pre-Call Planning
The management of time and territory
Prospecting and pre-approach research
A sequential planned sale

The Approach
Making Appointments
Greeting the Customer

The Sale
Non-verbal communication
Listening & Questioning Techniques
Criteria of purchasing/buying motives
Making effective presentations
Negotiating skills and justifying the price

Looking for buying signals
Overcoming objections/ closing the sale 

Follow-up and After Sales Service
Planning and checking of customer satisfaction
Getting repeat business
Developing relationships 

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: Three Days

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