Project – Creative Thinking for Project Managers


This course is designed for Project Managers.  The programme may also be of benefit to planners and other professional staff involved in bid preparation, project planning and contract management.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Assessed new project outlines for risks and opportunities
  • Reviewed projects which did not deliver their promises
  • Identified reasons for non-delivery and how to avoid them
  • Used a range of creative and analytical thinking techniques to identify potential customer requirements, failure modes and preventive strategies on new contracts
  • Conducted a critical review of project plans
  • Communicated improvement ideas effectively
  • Developed an action plan for implementation in the workplace.

Course Content

Tutor and participant introductions
Objectives, method and content

What went wrong?
Case studies of projects which did not deliver their promise (syndicate groups)
Review of critical incidents in the case studies
Cause and effect analysis
Possible preventive strategies

Creative Thinking Techniques
Lateral thinking tools
Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats
Brainstorming and idea building

Analytical Methods
Linear thinking tools
Risk analysis methods
How-how diagrams

Planning Tools for Problem Prevention
Failure mode and effect analysis for Processes
Solution-effect diagrams
Process input/output diagrams

 Putting the Tools Together
Introduction to project simulation
Team role allocation
Review of briefs
Identifying customer expectations

Practical Session

Presentations and Plenary Review
Team presentations of proposals
Peer reviews
Identification of key learning points and opportunities for use on current work

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: Two Days

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