Designed for staff who are responsible for obtaining payment from clients.  This course deals with telephone collection, looking at techniques, questioning skills and gaining a positive outcome without alienating the client

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Identified the process for the collection of payments
  • Agreed the most effective way of handling the call
  • Demonstrated their ability to prepare for the call
  • Practised making the call
  • Recognised the importance of voice, tone and the use of positive language
  • Developed questioning and listening skills
  • Practised dealing with difficult customers
  • Developed a plan to effectively collect payments

Course Content

Credit Control
The Process

Listening Skills
Practical Exercises

Questioning Skills
Practical Skills

Assertive Communication

Preparing for the Call
Information gathering prior to the call
Importance of Voice

Common Difficulties
Dealing with a variety of clients
The many reasons for non-payment
Dealing with evasion, delays and complainers

Making the Call
Asking for payment
Dealing with the difficult customer
Guiding the customer to a state in which they will agree payment

Personal Development Action Plan


Course Duration: One Day

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