To enable participants to recognise cultural diversity in ways that can enhance working relationships and increase personal effectiveness.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Understand key concepts in the debate about cultural issues
  • Increase their own self-awareness
  • Handle “difference” with sensitivity
  • Use and leverage “difference” for enhanced communication and better outcomes at work
  • Build positive cross-cultural relationships
  • ‘Flex’ their communication style appropriately, taking responsibility to understand and be understood
  • Understand and explore cultural stereotypes and themes openly and honestly
  • Create an action plan for themselves and their team/department/organisation

Course Content

Icebreaker & warm up exercise

What is cross-cultural awareness

Unpack terminology

Understanding “difference”

Cultural creativity: how do we foster it

Pitfalls of a mono-cultural approach

Examining attitudes, values, assumptions, stereotypes and inter-continental cultural themes

Organisational/individual/team culture: which one?

What do we need to do and be our best?

Action plan for raising cross-cultural skills

Course Duration: One Day

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