When people are dissatisfied, whether they are colleagues or customers, situations which arise can be difficult to handle.  This course looks at identifying with our communication styles and how these and utilising the skills of Emotional Intelligence can assist us with challenging situations.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Identified with verbal and non-verbal communication styles
  • Identified the skills of Emotional Intelligence
  • Identified how these skills can be utilised to diffuse situations
  • Used difficulties as a source of continuous improvement
  • Practised handling difficult situations without being defensive
  • Practised diffusing difficult situations and ensuring the customer appreciates the best possible service
  • Reviewed how to use social competencies to handle relationships to achieve positive results
  • Developed an individual development plan for implementation in the workplace

Course Content

Communication Styles
Verbal and non-verbal

How are we perceived when communicating?
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
How these skills can improve situations with challenging people

Reasons for behaviour
Conflict avoidance
Passive behaviour
Aggressive Behaviour
Assertive Behaviour
Managing Challenging People/Situations
Conflict Management

Conflict Mismanagement
The five reactions to conflict
Conflict Resolution
Steps to resolve conflict

Practical exercises

Individual Action Plans

Course Duration: One Day

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