Management – Essential Skills of Management


This course is designed for people already in Management positions, but who have not received any formal training. The course addresses the essential skills of management including Communication, Leadership, Motivation, Delegation, Influencing and Problem Solving and Decision Making. This intensive course is highly participative, giving delegates the opportunity to practice the key skills discussed.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the role of the manager
  • Identified their current skills in relation to their role
  • Reviewed their Communication Skills
  • Practised effective communication in a range of situations
  • Identified their preferred style of influencing
  • Practised the skills of influencing in a group situation
  • Identified their Leadership Style
  • Reviewed methods of improving their leadership style to achieve better results from their teams
  • Identified key motivators for themselves and their team
  • Reviewed delegation as a motivator for others
  • Practised the skills of leadership and motivation
  • Reviewed and practised the skills of mentoring and coaching
  • Undertaken planning using a variety of effective planning tools
  • Reviewed and practised problem solving techniques
  • Developed an individual action plan for implementation in the workplace

Course Content

The Role of the Manager
Identify the role and skills of a Manager
The process of management
Management styles
How do we measure up?

Communication Skills
Improving interpersonal skills
Dealing with difficult situations
Adapting your communication style for specific challenges
Practical exercises

What is your preferred style of influencing?
Choosing a style
Preparing to influence, structuring the argument
Making a case, selling the benefits
Overcoming objections

The skills of leadership
What does a leader do?
Leadership style questionnaire
The effective team
The qualities of an effective team, how is this achieved

What motivate you?
What motivates you team?
Methods of motivation
Motivation through delegation

Coaching and Mentoring
The Role of the Mentor
Who needs mentoring?
Defining the role and responsibilities of the mentor

The Skills of Mentoring
Establishing rapport and building trust
Listening and questioning

The Mentor as a Coach
Identifying learning needs

The Coaching Process
Agreeing the plan

Problem Solving
Identifying the problem
Problem solving techniques
Practical solutions

Personal Development Action Plan

Course Duration: Two Days

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