Excel Foundation



This course introduces delegates to the fundamental skills required to use Microsoft Excel productively.

Delegates will be introduced to the fundamental skills required to build a worksheet including the principals of formulae & functions, the manipulation of data, printing and graphically representing data through charts.

Delegates will gain an appreciation of how Excel can be used in typical business scenarios through the creation of several worksheets and may include budgeting, sales analysis, entry-level bookkeeping & staff scheduling.

Emphasis will be placed on keyboard and mouse shortcuts to ensure all delegates work as efficiently as possible.

Basic Excel formulae will be used to summarise data in a worksheet. Various number & layout formatting techniques will be applied to ensure the worksheets have a professional feel about them. Several different chart types will be used to explore ways of analysing data through graphical representation.

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Course Content

Screen Familiarity
♦ Workbook principles
♦ Screen layout

Working with Cells
♦ Use Undo and Redo
♦ Selecting cells
♦ Go to a specific cell
♦ Find & Replace
♦ Cut, copy, paste, and move cells

♦ Copying cells
♦ Work with series (AutoFill)

Working with Data
♦ Enter text, formulae, and numbers
♦ Edit cell content
♦ Clear cell content

Foundation Formulas and Functions
♦ Mathematical Operators (+. -, *, /)
♦ Enter & Revise formulas
♦ Use AutoSum
♦ Use basic functions (AVERAGE, SUM, COUNT, MIN, and MAX)
♦ Use the Paste Function to insert a function
♦ Relative and Absolute cell referencing

Formatting Worksheets
♦ Apply font styles (typeface, size, color, and styles)
♦ Modify row and column size
♦ Modify alignment of cell content
♦ Use the Format Painter
♦ Apply cell borders and shading
♦ Merge cells
♦ Wrap text
♦ Clear cell formats

Number Formats
♦ Apply predefined number formats

Inserting & Deleting
♦ Insert and delete rows and columns
♦ Insert and delete selected cells

♦ Keyboard Shortcut (F11)
♦ Types of chart
♦ Column, Line & Pie Charts
♦ Use the Chart Wizard to create a chart
♦ Preview and print charts
♦ Simple Formatting
♦ Chart Options

♦ Preview and print a selection, worksheets, workbooks
♦ Change page orientation and scaling
♦ Set page margins and centering
♦ Insert and remove a page break
♦ Set print, and clear a print area
♦ Set up headers and footers
♦ Set print titles and options

Working with Lists (Time Permitting – Overview)
♦ Setting up a list in Excel
♦ Field headings
♦ Sorting
♦ Searching with Autofilter

Course Duration: One Day

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