Excel VBA



This course is aimed at those delegates who have a need to develop integrated spreadsheet solutions using Microsoft Excel. Typically these may be senior I.T. staff or “super users” who need to be able to produce in-house “turn key” systems.

Who Should Attend:
Advanced users needing to develop integrated automated solutions in Microsoft Excel.

Prior attendance on the Complex Functions and Macros Excel course, or a very thorough knowledge of the product, is recommended for all delegates.

The course is 100% hands-on and, although no previous programming experience is required, it should be pointed out that programming in the VBA environment forms the majority of the course so an understanding of basic programming techniques would also be desirable.

Product Documents

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Course Content

Excel Macro’s

  • Recording Visual Basic “Macros”
  • The Visual Basic Environment
  • Understanding the Visual Basic Language
  • Assigning Code to Buttons, Menu’s & Toolbars

Writing Visual Basic Code

  • Procedures
  • Sub & Function Statements
  • Private Procedures
  • Named Arguments


  • What is a variable?
  • Dim, Public, Private, Static & Constant Statements
  • Variable Scope
  • Naming Conflicts

User Defined Functions

  • Creating a function
  • Function arguments
  • Return Values

Visual Basic Objects

  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Object & Common Collections
  • Object Containers
  • The Object Browser
  • Performing Multiple Actions on an Object

Control Structures

  • If…Then…Else
  • Select Case
  • For…Next
  • Do…Loop

User Interface Objects

  • Dialog Boxes
  • Placing Controls on an Worksheet
  • The Forms Toolbar

The Excel Menu System under VBA Control

Testing & Debugging Applications

  • Starting, Halting & Tracing Execution
  • Resolving Compile and Run-time Errors
  • Working with Breakpoints
  • Using the Debug Window

Error Handling & Trapping

  • On Error Statement
  • Excel Built in Error Values

Course Duration: Two Day

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