This course is for anyone at any level who needs to give constructive feedback to others, for example during appraisals or in other situations where feedback will help improve performance. It is also helpful to those who are not comfortable or confident about receiving feedback.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed types of feedback
  • Identified how to give constructive feedback
  • Practised giving constructive feedback to others
  • Reviewed the skills of motivation
  • Practised motivating others to improve performance
  • Received positive feedback and negative criticism objectively.
  • Given positive feedback and negative criticism objectively
  • Reviewed how to deal with anger and conflict assertively and in a professional manner
  • Practised dealing with anger and conflict in a professional manner

Course Content

What is Constructive Feedback?
Defining what makes feedback constructive
Why feedback must be constructive if it is to make a lasting difference to performance
How feedback can help managers and organisations.

Giving Constructive Feedback
Preparing objective evidence
Planning the encounter
When and where to give feedback
Keeping it simple and to the point
Delivering the feedback so that it is clearly understood, acceptable and actionable
Getting the balance right between positive and constructive feedback
Motivating the recipient to learn and change.

Dealing with Emotion
The skills required to cope with emotional reactions, theirs and yours
Using behavioural evidence to maintain objectivity
Managing body language and tone of voice
Keeping calm and resolving the problem
Developing empathy, trust and rapport.

Responding to Criticism
Avoiding the ‘defend/attack spiral’
Respecting their right to respond critically
Active listening and sensitivity to the situation
Asking the questions that help to clarify the situation
Conveying ideas and information non-prescriptively

Giving Feedback to Difficult People
Power and influence
Dealing with hostility and aggression
Managing conflict
Staying on target to achieve required objectives
The strategies for effective ‘win-win’ solutions
Getting commitment to the solution or next step

Personal Development Action Plan


Course Duration: One Day

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