The Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management is for ‘Middle or Experienced’  Managers to improve their existing skills and capability in a competitive market. The certificate is made up of a number of units.

Programme Units:

  • Assessing your own leadership capability and performance
  • Developing and Leading Teams to achieve Organisational Goals and Objectives
  • Managing Improvement

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Course Content

Assessing your own leadership capability and performance
Understanding leadership styles within an organisation
Leadership theories and leadership styles
The key responsibilities of a leader
Review effectiveness of own leadership capability and performance
Adapting your leadership style
The concept of Emotional Intelligence
Supporting others – coaching and mentoring

Developing and Leading Teams
Understand the importance of leading team to achieve organisational goals
Processes of delegation and empowerment
Balanced Scorecard, Quality Initiatives
Feedback, recognition and reward

Managing Improvement
Understand the effectiveness of the organisation and ability to manage and improve quality to meet customer requirements
Be able to plan and implement projects to meet customer requirements

Course Duration: Seven Days

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