With organisations employing flatter management structures such as matrix and self-directed teams, the need for empowered employees is acute. In terms of business development, the skills are fundamental to achieving success.

The ability to influence others without the power of position is a key skill for achieving results and maximising productivity.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Defined the skills of the effective influencer and matched themselves to the profile
  • Examined and practised the key communication skills
  • Practised the skills of influencing decisions in groups
  • Defined the three behavioural options and developed a strategy to influence assertively
  • Recognised the main influencing styles and identified their own favoured style
  • Practised influencing in preparation for a real life

Course Contents

The Skills of the Effective Influencer
A behavioural profile

Communicating to Influence
What is consensus
Active Listening
Making language more persuasive

Influencing in groups 
What is consensus
Presenting views and making concessions

Assertive Influencing in Action 
Using verbal and non – verbal communication
Techniques in specific situations

Influencing Styles 
What is your favoured style of influencing?
Choosing an appropriate style

Preparing to Influence
Structuring the argument
Making a case
Selling the benefits
Overcoming Objections

Influencing in Action
Practical Exercise

Personal Development Plan

Course Duration: Two Days

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