More and more of us are working in international collaboration with global and virtual team.  The benefits this brings are obvious, but there are frustrations and challenges of dealing daily with individuals from different cultures.

This programme has been designed to help you understand your international colleagues more effectively, allowing you to acknowledge and observe some elements of their cultures to maximise and strengthen group performance and co-ordination.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Developed a greater awareness of the values, attitudes and behaviours of different cultures
  • Improved communication skills to work with colleagues from other cultures
  • Reviewed different ideas and approaches from team members from other cultures
  • Developed the skills to plan and co-ordinate working in cross-cultural teams
  • Reviewed ways of handling cross-cultural conflict, to enable better working relationships.

Course Content

Cross Cultural Issues at work
What is cross-cultural awareness
Benefits and challenges of cross-cultural team working
Cross-cultural values and attitudes within teams
Working practices and styles

Strategies for international team building
Organisational culture
Strategies and solutions for effective team working
Examining attitudes, values, assumptions, stereotypes and inter-continental cultural themes

Achieving successful communication within your team
English as the language if international communication
How to cope with the challenges of virtual communication

Organisational/individual/team culture: which one?
What do we need to do and be our best?

Action plan for raising cross-cultural skills

Course Duration: One Day

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