A one day, fast track introduction to the entire recruitment and selection cycle. The course is designed as a highly practical workshop, to give new recruiters a real insight into the processes, issues and hurdles involved in running a successful recruitment and selection campaign.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Exposure to the entire cycle, giving greater control and foresight.
  • A good framework for understanding timings, costing and issues hurdles.
  • An understanding of common errors and develop a set of potential solutions.
  • Developed the ability to plan, brief and execute a basic recruitment campaign.
  • Practiced taking and giving a brief.
  • Become better qualified to write a recruitment advert.
  • A better understanding of your employment brand.

Course Content

Understanding the Complete Recruitment Cycle
Overview – the entire process
Timing and resources involved – who are the interested parties
Motivations of the interested parties to a campaign

Using Competencies
What are competencies
Simplifying the jargon
Using competencies for recruitment and selection
An easy and robust system

The Job Brief and Person Specification
The job brief – how is it derived?
The person specification – how does this translate to market availability?
The job grading and benefits – is the role pitched at the appropriate level?

Giving and Taking a Job Brief
Briefing all relevant internal resources effectively
Translating your brief to the marketplace – does it fit?
Understanding who will communicate the message, how and when

Creating the Pool of Candidates
Different methods of attracting candidates
Direct advertising vs. recruitment agencies
Costs and timings involved

How to Filter Candidates
How to judge what you are looking for
How to ensure that everyone agrees
Consistency and relevance in selection criteria
A simple scoring system

The Interview
Lining up your resources
Types of interview process
Interview techniques
A simple scoring system

The Offer
Exploring the motivations of interviewees
Why do they reject offers?
How to manage the process for greater success

Development Action Plan

Course Duration: One Day

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