This course provides a comprehensive overview of the interviewing process and looks at methods, techniques and cost/time factors involved. Participating in a highly practical course, you will practice role play interviews and consider different styles, techniques and approaches.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Practiced different types of interview and identified their benefits.
  • An improved ability to plan the process.
  • Experimented with different types of questions to use in interviews.
  • A Better ability to use scoring systems and methods of evaluating candidates.
  • A better base from which to organise other interviewers in the process.
  • More effective control of offer/candidate management.

Course Content

Types of Interview Process
The range of processes and their relative pros and cons
Which techniques to use and why
The role of testing and presentations in interviews
Who should be involved?

Interview Selection Using Competencies
What are competencies?
A simple competency model for interview scoring and notes
Conferring with colleagues and evaluating selection decisions

The Interview Structure
What do you want to achieve at each stage
Balancing the need for information exchange
Motivations and their role in offer management
Where to start and where to end
Practical issues

Interview and Questioning Styles
The merits and uses of open, closed, loaded and probing questions
Competency-based interviewing questions – how to use them
Diversity and overcoming cultural differences in communication
Difficult candidates – how to handle them
Selling your company and the role at interview

Closing the Loop
Managing feedback directly and via agencies
Making the offer – how and when

Development Action Plan

Course Duration: One Day

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