Management – Introduction to Management


Designed to aid management and supervisory development, this is a lively and practical course, full of discussions, activities and workshops.  It provides managers and supervisors with a good grounding in the vital skill areas they need to perform effectively – namely: team leadership, communication and problem solving.  With no room for jargon in this intensive programme, delegates undertake a pre-course activity to ensure maximum learning value.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Defined  leadership qualities
  • Identified their leadership style
  • Analysed the characteristics of a high performing teams
  • Recognised the complementary roles performed by team members
  • Identified the skills and techniques that contribute to an environment where people want to work hard
  • Practised the skills of communication
  • Distinguished assertive behaviour from aggressive and used assertiveness techniques
  • Recognised how basic Transactional Analysis (TA) techniques can be useful
  • Learned how to deal with conflict and give feedback
  • Identified their influencing style
  • Undertaken planning using a variety of effective planning tools
  • Used a logical problem solving system
  • Made a commitment to improving performance as a manager

Course Content

Characteristics of a Successful Leader
Analysing your leadership style

Characteristics of an Effective Team
The roles played by team members
Members of staff and contractors


Identifying communication behaviours
Questioning skills
Listening skills
Body language

Communicating with Teams
Dealing with difficult behaviour
Effective questioning skills

Communicating Assertively
Obstacles to behaving assertively
Techniques for specific situations

The Power of Behaviour
Transactional analysis

Handling Difficult Situations
Giving and receiving feedback

Influencing Skills
Analysing their influencing style

Key Steps of Planning
Setting objectives

Problem Analysis
Decision making

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: Two Days

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