Who should attend the introduction to sales training course?
People who are dealing with selling on a daily or weekly basis, but who have never had any formal sales training.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

A one-day sales skills workshop to covers the basics of sales

  • Learn about the sales cycle and how it affects your business
  • Understand the key elements to making a sale
  • Realise the habits of highly effective sales people
  • Understand what makes a cold call successful
  • Receive the confidence and motivation to sell more
  • Understand the basics of managing and organising your sales day

Course Content

Introduction to Sales
The Sales Cycle
Personal selling strengths
The Attitudes and Behaviours
Practical Exercise – Self Analysis
Customer expectations
Company objectives

The Sale
Non-verbal communication
Listening & Questioning Techniques
Criteria of purchasing/buying motives
Negotiating skills and justifying the price

Looking for buying signals
Overcoming objections/ closing the sale
Organising yourself and your diary
Personal Development Action Plan

This is a highly practical and interactive programme, utilising tele-trainer and digital video cameras, as appropriate.

Course Duration: One Day

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