This course is designed for people who are required to investigate incidents in the workplace.  It looks at tools and techniques to enable the investigation to gather appropriate information and complete appropriate reports.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

Explore why incidents arise and how these should be investigated

Course Content

Introduction to Incidents and Investigation
To brief students in broad terms on the types of incidents they will be required to investigate and the issues that may arise.
Focus on impact/ accountability at an individual, team, division and company level.

Is the learning from previous incidents turned into company policy and good practice?
How can it be captured?
Briefing and Debriefing

Board Blast
The ‘Golden Hour’ principle and the attrition of material:
M ovement
E limination
A ddition
L oss

Exhibit handling and forensic value
Integrity & Continuity

Developing an investigative plan
Looking at sources of material and what material is.
(Physical evidence, witnesses accounts, victim’s accounts,
Circumstantial evidence, passive data, intelligence)
Relationship between knowledge & experience  (Stewart 1998)
The investigative mindset – understanding the source of material, planning & preparation, examination, recording & collation, evaluation, 5WH
Communications – Internal/External (Media)

An Investigative model
An example of an investigative model which emphasises evaluation and review

Decision Making
Working rules – personal bias, verification bias, availability error, inference and prejudice, mission creep
5WH – Known, Not Known, Conflicts, Consistencies

PEACE model

Briefing and reports
Case Study and SITREP (Situation Report), construction shown on screen.

Discussion – Personal Development Plans
Student to identify a development plan for themselves ‘SMART’ or ‘SMARTER’ plans principle.
Future courses for development.

Course Duration: One Day

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