Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing offers a new approach to health training.  This one-day course provides a blend of practical advice and tools for managers to help create a healthy and productive workplace.

Delegates will experience an engaging programme, full step-by-step guidance, and clear business focus

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

A Healthy Company
What health management is and models of health at work
Benefits of managing health
Occupational safety and health legal requirements
What a health needs assessment is and how it can help determine the level and types of health needs to be considered
The five steps in a health needs assessment and what should be considered as part of it
How the vision and direction of an organisation influence health and wellbeing in the workplace

Health Risk Management

The 5 health hazard categories: physical, ergonomic, psychosocial, chemical, biological
Causes of health hazards in each category and their impact
Assessing the risk from health hazards
Ways to monitor health risks in risk monitoring programme
The role of the manager
People or services that can provide help with managing occupational health and wellbeing

Fitness for Work

Types of non-work-related physical and mental health conditions and how they impact fitness for work
Types of health assessment to recognised standards and good practice
Drugs and alcohol
Managing the fluctuation of people’s health status
Support services and case management


Wellbeing: strategy, benefits and promoting/monitoring a wellbeing programme
Easy health choices workers can make and how those choices can lead to a healthy lifestyle
Promoting positive mental health
Influences on overall wellbeing

Course Duration: One Day

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