Leadership and Management utilising MBTI


The MBTI provides a positive and constructive way of understanding and valuing differences between people. It is one of the most widely used psychological instruments globally, with over 50 years research behind it.  It captures fundamental differences between people by identifying individual preferences and values. It then focuses on valuing those differences, and gives us a clear way of understanding them and working together.

Self-awareness is fundamental to good leadership.  An understanding of the impact that one’s personal style has on people’s motivation and commitment is essential.  This workshop is for managers at any level who want to become more effective leaders. We’ll use the MBTI to help assess your strengths and development needs, your preferred style of problem solving and also how your style relates to other’s styles, particularly those that are different from your own.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Assess individual preferences in the four main areas of the MBTI scale and establish best-fit regarding your Type – see your own style in operation
  • Recognise other people’s styles and preferences – the little ‘clues’
  • Understand how other styles operate and function in different situations
  • Learn how to use language to balance your skills when you need to – enhancing your communication with other Types
  • Understand stress triggers for different Types, and coping methods

Gain a broad understanding of how Type can contribute to more effective team functioning and project management

Course Content

Introduction and background to Type theory

The four preferences and self-assessment

The effects of Type in work situations

The mutual usefulness of opposite Types

Developing Leadership Potential – recognising your inherent strengths and weaknesses

Action plan for ongoing individual and team development using Type awareness in a leadership context


Course Duration: One Day

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