Leadership for Results


This two day course examines the forces which influence leaders and their teams, and provides participants with the opportunity to identify the ease in which they can build a motivated and productive team.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Described the links between culture and values and the ways in which managers can
  • Influenced behaviours
  • Examined and defined their role in creating a motivational working environment
  • Identified clear management actions to create the model of commitment
  • Identified the ways in which they can win commitment through leadership
  • Practised influencing skills to ensure commitment, rather than compliance
  • Demonstrated their ability to choose the appropriate leadership style for each stage of development of the team and the individual
  • Defined the characteristics of a high-performing team and examined their own team against those criteria.
  • Practised group consensus and determined ways of introducing consensus as a way of building commitment to decisions
  • Examined how and why people behave as they do and the impact of culture, beliefs and attitudes on behaviour
  • Defined the role of the facilitator and demonstrated their understanding of the role of the manager as a facilitator.


Course Content

Creating the Culture
Creating a high performance culture
The link between culture and values
Linking values and behaviour
The model of commitment
Winning commitment through leadership
Creating a learning organisation

Creating the Right Environment for Development and Performance
What motivates your staff?
Meeting motivational needs
Creating a climate for learning
Situational Leadership
Flexibility in leadership style
Development levels
Changing your style as the individuals and the team develop
Developing a leadership action plan

The Characteristics of a High-Performance Team
What does a high performance team ‘look like’?
How does my team match up?
What actions do we need to take?

Introduction to Behaviour
The sources of behaviour
The power of behaviour
Beliefs values and attitudes

Self-Awareness and Team Behaviour
Influencing others
Influencing styles
Choosing an appropriate style
Planning an influencing strategy
Win-win as a behavioural strategy
Role expectations and their impact on behaviour

The Skills of the Facilitator
Defining the role
Identifying the skills

Essential Facilitation Skills
Communication as a key tool
Questioning and listening
Giving and receiving feedback
Information sharing
Encouraging openness and trust

Devolving Power to the Team
Facilitating the decision making process
Gaining group consensus

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: Two Days

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