Leadership, Teams and Motivation


This Course addresses the skills of Leadership, Team Development and Motivation of Others.  This practical course enables delegates to practice the skills they learn within the course to enable them to develop their own ‘effective’ styles.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Distinguished how a leader can differ from being a Manager
  • Reviewed various leadership styles and recognised their own preferred leadership style
  • Defined the qualities of an effective team
  • Reviewed and practised the skills of motivation
  • Reviewed the benefits of Team Reviews
  • Improved their skills at conducting and facilitating team meetings
  • Practised dealing with problem behaviour and how to change behaviour
  • Explored and practised problem solving techniques in groups
  • Developed an action plan for implementation in the workplace

Course Content

The Skills of Leadership
Action Centred Leadership
What does a leader do?
Your favoured style of leadership
The successful leader

The Effective Team
The qualities of an effective team
Team work – Exercise
What motivates staff
Creating a highly motivated team

Team Reviews
What can team reviews achieve?
Dealing with problem behaviour
Changing problem behaviour
Inspiring changes in behaviour

Working in Groups
Solving problems together – Exercise
Gaining Team Consensus – Exercise

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: Two Days

(Equivalent to ILM Level 3 unit Value of 2 credits)

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