Team Leaders are expected to work as part of the team but also to supervise and develop others within the team, this course looks at the changing role and how to get the most from the team.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the role of the team leader in a sales environment
  • Reviewed the change in role from team member to team leader
  • Reviewed their current skills against the profile of an effective team leader
  • Identified areas for development
  • Reviewed methods to motivate others
  • Practised the skills of communication
  • Reviewed and practised ways of maintaining team performance
  • Practiced giving feedback
  • Completed Personal Development Action Plans

Course Content

The Team Leaders Role
Identifying your strengths and areas for improvement against this role
What are your 5 key areas within your rol

What motivate you?
What motivates your team?
Method of motivation
Motivation through delegation

What is communication?
How do we communicate?
Gathering information
Dealing with difficult situations

Communication in Groups
The importance of team communication
Managing communication in groups

Planning and Prioritising
Managing your own time in order to manage others
Prioritising your workload

Individual Development Action  Plans

Course Duration: One Day

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