Managing 360o Feedback


360° Feedback differs substantially from the traditional single-course review, most usually carried out by the line manager or supervisor.  By increasing the number of evaluations to offer a more balanced and comprehensive view, 360° feedback process improves the quality of performance measures and feedback.  Organisations that adopt 360° feedback process improves the quality of performance measures and feedback.


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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Demonstrated their understanding of the process of 360° Feedback and how it can work in practice
  • Identified the potential benefits and pitfalls of 360° Feedback
  • Discussed and determined the essential measures to minimise the pitfall and ensure the success of 360° Feedback
  • Developed a behavioural model for the successful reviewer
  • Demonstrated their ability to structure a feedback interview
  • Practised the essential skills of information and feedback gathering
  • Demonstrated their ability to plan, prepare and manage a staff review using 360° Feedback data
  • Practised the essential review skills of active listening, drawing out information, giving and receiving feedback and agreeing actions
  • Written behavioural objectives and practised gaining agreement to behavioural change
  • Established and practised means of handling difficult situations and confronting areas of poor performance
  • Discussed and agreed ways of successfully introducing 360° Feedback to ensure its long-term success.

Course Content

The Power of 360°Feedback
What is 360°feedback?
How does it work?
Who benefits from 360°feedback?
What are the potential pitfalls?

Ensuring the Success of 360° Feedback
Devising the framework
Using competencies
Choosing appropriate respondents
Establishing the ground rules
The skills of the reviewing manager

Seeking Feedback from Others
Building rapport
Active listening
Gathering information
Drawing out and testing
Summarising to agreement
Structuring the feedback interview

Giving Feedback to Staff
Using 360° Feedback information as a basis of a review
Planning the review
Preparing questions
Managing the interview

Dealing with Performance Shortfalls
Linking objectives to shortfalls in performance
Agreeing behavioural objectives
Defining and recording training and development needs

Handling Difficult Situations
Giving and receiving negative feedback
Improving the process for handling difficult people
Resolving interpersonal conflict
Assertive communication

Managing and Developing Future Performance
The manager as a coach
Helping to bring about long-term behavioural change
Continuing feedback and positive reinforcement

Introducing 360° Feedback
Developing safeguards
Briefing staff
Training those who will provide feedback
Evaluation and review

Personal Development Action Plan

Course Duration: Two Day

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