Managing Difficult Situations


As business becomes more competitive, the essence of strong management is to be able to deal with difficult situations, ranging from employee situations, to handling meetings, negotiations, encouraging others to work together constructively and handling difficult situations with senior staff constructively.

This course is designed for Managers who rely on effective communication, influencing and team work to overcome all situations.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Define the techniques which make communication with others clear and precise
  • Identify situations where problems could arise
  • Prepare a plan on how to deal with a range of problems which affect working life
  • Deal with difficult situations with confidence
  • Handle meetings and influence others towards positive outcomes
  • Handle difference of opinion constructively
  • Manage a group conflict situation
  • Identify a range of tool and techniques to develop their skills in handling difficult situations.

Course Content

Recognising and defining “difficult” situations

Planning to counter the “difficult” situations
Appropriate policies, procedures and practices
Making messages simpler and clearer
Dealing with problems quickly 

Principles underpinning “win-win” solutions
Thinking “in the shoes” of the other party
Structuring your interactions with others
Anticipating change

Successful meetings management
Clarity of purpose and objective
Chairing meetings effectively
Handling emotional contribution and questions
Managing conflict 

Bringing order out of a conflict situation
Desired outcomes
Building a collaborative framework

Managing individual encounters
SDI – influencing behaviour styles
Constructive criticism
Encouraging more responsibility taking
Dealing with performance problems and awkward attitudes

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: Two Days

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