Managing International Teams in a Matrix Organisation


With Organisations becoming more diverse with multiple sites and staff working from satellite offices, Managers are having to manage people more from a distance.

This requires Managers to have different skills, the aim of this course is to tackle the problems of remote and cross-cultural management and provide solutions to achieve success through the team.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Identified the skills required to manage people from a distance
  • Identified their strengths and areas for development
  • Reviewed methods of creating a team spirit despite the remote working environment
  • Overcome the barriers to effective communication with the team
  • Developed a greater awareness of the values, attitudes and behaviours of different cultures
  • Reviewed methods to achieve change within the team to improve results
  • Reviewed methods of empowering your team
  • Prepared an action plan for implementation in the workplace.

Course Content

Managing People from a Distance
Identify the skills needed to manage people remotely
Review your skills against the profile

The Role of the Leader
Creating the right environment
Keeping communications a priority
Evaluating skills levels within the team

Creating a Team Spirit
Barriers to effective communication
One to one meetings
Empowering your team

Strategies for international team building
Organisational culture
Strategies and solutions for effective team working
Examining attitudes, values, assumptions, stereotypes and inter-continental cultural themes

Managing Change
Working with your team through change
The need for change and the practicalities of achieving it

Motivation and Commitment
Motivating from a distance
Gaining commitment from your team

Supervision and Control
Being aware of problems created by distance
Managing problems as they arise
Keeping control of your team and their activities

Personal Development Action Plan

(Implementation Plan for action points agreed within the programme, with timescales for achievement)

Course Duration: Two Days

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