Project – MS Project Foundation


This foundation level course is aimed at delegates who need to be able to plan a project and create a timeline for presentation and progress tracking.  It is specifically designed for the first time user and those that are self-taught.  It will provide delegates with knowledge and skills that will enable them to manage small to medium sized projects effectively.

The course deals with how to configure Microsoft Project to reflect corporate working calendars; to design a Work Breakdown Structure and to input WBS data into a project to create a Gantt Chart.

Once the Gantt Chart has been created, other views will be introduced together with methods of modelling the project more effectively and monitoring & reporting changes and progress.

It is recognised that in addition to preparing and presenting timelines and other task-based reports, many delegates have a need to manage the resources used on a project.
Who Should Attend:
Newcomers to the role of Project Manager who wish to manage task-based projects.
Current Project Managers who have had little formal training in their role and would like to consolidate or expand their knowledge.


  • No prior knowledge of Microsoft Project is required.
  • Delegates need to be familiar with working in a Microsoft Windows environment i.e. mouse skills, working with multiple windows and screen elements such as scroll bars, menu bars and toolbars.


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Course Objectives 
On Completion of Day 1:
By the end of the course the delegate will be able to:

    • Set up the working parameters for a new project
    • Create a Work Breakdown Structure using Top Down Design
    • Input task data into a new project
    • Link tasks and create summary tasks
    • Constrain tasks
    • Use milestones effectively
    • Create a baseline
    • Deal with changes to the project
    • Report & record progress on the project

On Completion of Day 2:
By the end of the course the delegate will be able to:

      • Understand when to use internal or external resource pools
      • Understand the concept of resource units
      • Distinguish between work and material resources
      • Create resource calendars
      • Assign resources to tasks
      • Create financial reports based on resource costs
      • Identify and deal with over-allocated resources
      • Deal with changes to the project
      • Report & record progress on the project

Course Duration: Two Day

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