Interviewing – Performance Appraisal Interviewing


This course is designed to develop the skills of appraisers to enable them to get the most out of Appraisal Interviews by recognising the need for a coaching and enabling management style.

Delegates are encouraged to bring copies of their company’s appraisal system documentation, if available, to be incorporated where possible within the programme to add to individual tuition.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Defined the benefits, pitfalls and difficulties of the performance review
  • Discussed and agreed the best ways to prepare themselves and their staff for a performance review
  • Practised active listening and questioning techniques
  • Practised techniques for giving feedback to poor performers
  • Practised planning for a real-life interview
  • Discussed the most effective way to structure an interview
  • Demonstrated their understanding of the use of delegation as a development tool
  • Practised the process of agreeing objectives
  • Conducted a performance review based on a case study

Course Content


Course Objectives
Previous experience of reviews
Staff’s expectations

Why Carry our Appraisals?
The Benefits and Difficulties
The link between development Reviews and Performance Management

Preparing for a Appraisals
What does the Manager need to prepare?
What does the Staff Member need to prepare?

The Essential Skills
Active listening
Blocks and Barriers
Summarising to Agreement
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Practical exercises

Staying in Control
Planning the Interview
Preparing Questions
Structuring the Interview
Using the Documentation

Dealing with Performance Shortfalls
Defining and recording training and development needs
Linking objectives to shortfalls in performance
Agreeing behavioural objectives
Practical exercises

Conducting the Interview

Role play and case studies

Managing Performance between Reviews

The Importance of Reviews

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: One Day

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