PowerPoint Advanced



This course reveals all the extra features of the PowerPoint program, as well as refreshing some of the key concepts trained on the other PowerPoint courses at Oak Tree Management & Training.

The extras include designing templates, working with multiple masters, creating photo albums, dealing with sounds and inserting media clips, further animation techniques and OLE linking data.

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Who Should Attend:

  • Current PowerPoint users who create presentations but want to know the extras!
  • Current PowerPoint users who would like a refresher course following attendance on another PowerPoint course at Oak Tree Management & Training.

Course Content

Refresh Key Concepts
♦ Design Template
♦ Slide Master
♦ Title Master
♦ Slide Layouts

Create your own Design Template
♦ Editing the Masters
♦ Changing slide colour schemes
♦ Save a file as a .pot format
♦ File-New…

Working with Multiple Masters
♦ Apply different Design Templates
♦ Insert Slide/Title Master
♦ Delete a Master
♦ Preserve the Master

Inserting Slides…
♦ From File – Keep Source Formatting check box
♦ From a Word Outline
♦ Export Outline to Word

Omit Graphics from Master
Inserting Pictures
Movies & Sounds
♦ Video formats supported
♦ Insert and Configure
♦ Animate a video or sound
♦ MP3 vs. WAV vs. Midi Sound files
♦ Recording Narration

Create a Photo Album

Action Settings
♦ Mouse actions (hover)
♦ Interactivity
♦ Hyperlink to slides
♦ Action buttons

Advanced Drawing Tools
♦ WordArt
♦ AutoShapes
♦ Fill and Border Styles
♦ Snap to grid options
♦ Grid & Guides

Custom Animation
♦ Entrance/Enhance/Exit
♦ Effect Options
♦ Timed animation
♦ Build an animation

Running the Slide Show
♦ Set Up Show
♦ Custom Shows
♦ Save as PowerPoint Show

Notes & Handout Master
♦ Refresh Printing Handouts
♦ Creating a Handout/Notes Master

O.L.E refresh
♦ Linking chart/data from Excel
♦ Embedding data/chart

File-Save as Web Page

Pack and Go/Package for CD

Tools-Options dialog box

Course Duration: One Day

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