PowerPoint Foundation



This course will provide all the skills necessary to generate a professional looking PowerPoint presentation from scratch and to run slide shows using various animation effects.

The Slide Masters concept forms the crux of the course, due to its power of producing consistent-looking presentations quickly and efficiently.

Delegates will work with various slide layouts including text, graphics and charts. They will also design their own slides, using the Slide and Title Master.

Once the slides are designed and created, running the Slide Show is the final step in delivering the presentation. Setting slide transitions and adding custom animation should enhance the delivery of the presentation content, along with keyboard shortcuts for controlling the running of the actual Show.

The course will also offer hints and tips on effective slide design such as: the optimum amount of bullet points in a slide; which colours work and which don’t; what animation affects work best.

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Course Content

Create a Presentation
♦ Design Template
♦ AutoContent Wizard
♦ Default Design

Screen Tour
♦ Task Pane Elements
♦ Toolbar Buttons
♦ Menu Items
♦ Thumbnails

Working with Different Views
♦ Normal
♦ Slide Sorter
♦ Slide Show
♦ Outline

Slide Layouts
♦ Title & Text (Bullet Tips)
♦ Table
♦ Chart/Diagram
♦ Graphic/Content slides

Understand Master Slides
♦ Slide Master
♦ Title Master
♦ Design Tips

Format a Presentation
♦ Choosing the right Font
♦ Paragraph Styles
♦ Colours and Gradients

Graphics and Images
♦ Insert Clip Art
♦ Edit and Resize Images
♦ Import Photos
♦ Group and Ungroup Clip Art

Object Layout
♦ Align (Horizontal and Vertical)
♦ Stacking Order (Back and Front)
♦ Spacing objects evenly

♦ Use the Chart wizard
♦ Edit Chart Data
♦ Choosing a Chart Type
♦ Import Excel Data

Diagrams & Flow Charts
♦ Drawing Toolbar
♦ Organisational Chart

Print a Presentation
♦ Slide only prints
♦ Multiple copies and collating
♦ Notes pages
♦ Troubleshoot print errors

Save a Presentation
♦ Standard .PPT save
♦ Embed Fonts
♦ Security and Read Only
♦ Export to Word
♦ Pack and Go wizard

Slide Transition Effects

Custom Animation
♦ Animation Schemes/Preset Animation versus Custom Animation

Running the Slide Show
♦ Navigation
♦ Presenting Tips & Tricks

Course Duration: One Day

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