The course is structured to view all types of negotiation with the use of role play and practical workshop enabling the delegate to look at various techniques and apply the skills as they learn.  The delegates will develop successful negotiation strategies and review ways to integrate negotiating skills into the management role.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Defined and identified opportunities for using the skills of negotiation.
  • Demonstrated their understanding of the “Win-Win” strategy.
  • Explored the sources and limitations of power.
  • Examined the process of negotiation.
  • Learnt the steps of prepare and plan for negotiation.
  • Explored the use of concessions and compromise as means of reaching agreement.
  • Defined the four key phases of negotiation: investigation, presentation,
  • Bargaining and agreement.
  • Practised the key skills of establishing rapport, questioning and listening.
  • Knowledge of the factors which make a difference between effective and average negotiators.

Course Content

What is Negotiation?
Defining negotiation
The skills of negotiation
Recognising opportunities to negotiate

Win-Win Strategy
Co-operations versus competition
The philosophy of win-win
The value of a win-win strategy

The Process of Negotiation                                      
Defining the bargaining arena

Preparing to Negotiate                                               
Defining goals and objects
Clarifying the issues
Gathering information
Preparing for conflict
Planning the compromises and concessions
Deciding the acceptable level of agreement

Course Duration: Two Days

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