Services are often intangible and therefore difficult to objectively demonstrate a difference.  This course gives delegates a thorough understanding of the skills required to sell such a service.

It is suitable for both new sales personnel, and experienced sales, who are involved in selling a service. Non-sales personnel who would like to gain from an insight into sales techniques would also benefit.

Product Documents

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed why people buy
  • Understood the buying process
  • Reviewed the differences between selling a product and a service
  • Practised questioning skills
  • Reviewed ways of presenting information and influencing
  • Practised presenting your solutions in a persuasive manner
  • Practised handling objections whilst maintaining rapport
  • Recognised buying signals and how to manage them
  • Reviewed methods of gaining commitment from the client
  • Practised building agreement to close the sale

Course Content

Setting the scene – Why do people buy?

Overview of selling process and buying decision cycle

Consultative Selling Skills

  • Opening, leading and controlling the discussion

Role play exercises

Presenting and differentiating your solution

Summarising to agreement

Handling objections

Closing the Sale


Strategies to win business/role play exercises

Key learning points and individual action plans for next 4-6weeks

Feedback and close

Course Duration: One Day

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