This course will assist you in taking responsibility for yourself and your staff; it will help you regain control of your situation and approach work with more energy and enthusiasm.  By understanding the nature and effects of stress, identification of symptoms can be flagged at an early stage and preventative action taken.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Identified the causes of stress and how to overcome them
  • Identified personal behaviour in stressful situations
  • Identified areas of behaviour requiring change
  • Reviewed techniques for managing stress
  • Practised techniques for managing stress
  • Reviewed techniques for managing change
  • Reviewed techniques for managing the workload
  • Prepared a plan of action

Course Content

What is Stress?
What causes stress?
The manifestations of stress
Recognising the symptoms of stress
The Holmes Rahe Scale
How vulnerable are you to stress?

Managing Sources of Stress
What are the potential sources of stress?
Linking Stress symptoms to stress sources

Vulnerability to Stress
Personality types A and B
Overcoming stress related type A anger
Setting goals to manage behaviour

The Three Stages of Stress
Mobilising energy, consuming energy, draining energy

Sources of Job Stress
Expectation versus reality
‘Good’ versus ‘Bad’ Stress

Dealing with Change
The reasons for change at work and in our lives
Understanding how people react to change
Strategies for managing transitions

Managing Stress
Expressing your feelings
Assertive behaviour
Recognising your needs
Managing the workload
Planning your time

Reducing Stress
Stability zones and rituals

Personal Action Plan

Course Duration: One Day

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