Designed for project managers in both the private and public sectors who are responsible for the planning and execution of projects within their organisation and for those whose role requires them to lead teams in the process of innovation and change using the techniques of project management.  The course examines project management in a variety of contexts and uses practical exercises and simulations to achieve its objectives.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Learnt how to define a project
  • Identified the roles of individuals within a project team
  • Set project objectives and measures of success
  • Planned and organise projects more effectively.
  • Examined the methods by which projects may be controlled and monitored
  • Developed the skills of leadership and teamwork in project management
  • Reviewed methods of how to manage changing requirements
  • Provided solutions to the problems associated with managing projects
  • Confidence to manage projects

Course Content

Defining the Project
The nature of projects
Choosing between alternative projects
The project life cycle
The phases of the project
The project team

Organising and Planning the Project
Project roles and responsibilities
Administrative organisation
Estimates and budgets
Task relationships
Gantt charts
The critical path
Network charts, PERTs etc
Milestones and constraints

Leading the Project
Project managers and leadership
Project teams
Motivating the team

Problem Solving
Identifying and analysing problems
Choosing solutions
Managing conflict

Project Monitoring and Control
Measuring progress and producing reports
Monitoring the budget
Project meetings

Project Closure
Managing the closure
Project completion

Post project audit and appraisal

Course Duration: Two Days

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