Problem Solving – Technical Problem Solving


Designed for Team Leaders and members of Quality Circles, Departmental or Cross-functional teams and managers required to coach such teams or their staff involved in them.

The course is action-oriented and will involve numerous exercises, case studies, simulations and opportunities for participants to practice and develop appropriate skills

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the skills of technical problem solving
  • Reviewed methods of technical problem solving
  • Practised applying a logical framework and structured approach to their decision-making and problem solving.
  • Identified how to distinguish between common and special causes of problems and reviewed methods to solve these.
  • Become familiar with alternative ways to trace problems to their root causes and develop prevention-based approaches to their resolution.
  • Developed the ability to use a range of measurement and data analysis techniques to support their problem analysis presentation.
  • Identified areas within their own jobs and projects where they can apply the principles and techniques covered on this course.
  • Developed an action plan for implementation in the workplace

Course Content

The 6 Steps of Problem Solving
Problem Definition
The need for clear definition
Avoiding generalisations
Asking the right questions

Understanding Variation
Using histograms
Common and assignable causes
Interpreting Control Charts

Measurement & Data Collection
Using check sheets
Fault location diagrams
Pareto analysis
Communicating the data

Cause & Effect Analysis
The fishbone diagram
Why-Why diagrams
Scatter Plots

Solution Planning
Decision making methods
How-how diagrams
Failure Mode & Effect Analysis

Implementing Solutions
Change principles
Force-field Analysis
Solution-effect diagrams
Gantt charts

Personal Development Action Plans


Course Duration: Two Days