This course is designed to develop the skills of an experienced trainer; particular emphasis will be placed on setting learning objectives, preparing a training session and feedback skills.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Set appropriate training objectives and determined the appropriate strategy to meet them
  • Discussed alternative ways of learning and managing different learning experiences
  • Examined ways of designing and sourcing learning opportunities
  • Created a responsive learning environment through the use of highly developed questioning and listening skills
  • Identified a range of techniques for creating the opportunities for interaction and learning by doing
  • Demonstrated their understanding of group dynamics in a learning environment
  • Demonstrated skills of observation and non-directive feedback
  • Developed basic facilitation skills to use with experiential learning
  • Used coaching skills to facilitate learning
  • Facilitated an experiential learning exercise
  • Agreed the most effective ways of handling conflict and awkward participants

Course Content

Designing a Training Course
How people learn
Setting learning objectives
Deciding on the structure
Choosing an appropriate learning method and style

Planning and Preparing for a Training Session
Sources of material
Creating the right balance between listening and doing
Deciding on appropriate learning experiences

Designing and Using Learning Experiences
Choosing and developing case studies
Choosing appropriate questionnaires and managing the outcomes
Developing and sourcing group exercises, role play, games etc.

Essential Facilitation Skills
Communication as a key tool
Questioning and listening
Observing behaviour
Giving non-directive feedback
Information sharing

Getting the Most out of the Group
Developing the skills
Behaviour in groups
Encouraging participation
Developing openness and trust
Dealing with difficult participants
Dealing with sensitive issues

The Trainer as a Coach
The skills of coaching
Putting in and drawing out
Explaining and demonstrating
Observing and giving feedback

Personal Development Action Plans

Course Duration: One Day

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